We are actively looking for a new President for the Alabama Hiking Trail Society.

If you think you have what it takes to take on the role as the leader/president of the Alabama Hiking Trail Society. please contact Callie Thornton at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.



Wow! What a wonderful Volunteer Trail Work Week we had last month in Alabama! It was so good we worked Saturday and the following Monday!
Day 1, Monday, March 14th: Beth McCandless, Dan Bedore, John Calhoun, Kent Cooper, Sonny Eberhart and Rick Guhse’ worked on a re-route of a piece of the Coosa Trail that eliminated two creek crossings (therefore, two future bridges) by building a trail doing side-hill work. Beth, Kent, Sonny and Rick installed hardware cloth on two bridges at another location on the Coosa Trail.
Trail Maintenance Report by John Calhoun (Mother Natures Son)
Pinhoti Trail Mtce., FR 500-E n. of Lower Shoal Shelter to the creek valley. Nov. 24, 2015
     I finally got back into the “middle of the middle” and cleared the last half mile to complete the section in-between south FR531 and north FR531. I used my loppers to thoroughly clear the woody growth there. Total time 6 hrs., drive time 2.5 hrs., 134 miles, 0.5 mile of trail cleared.
Pinhoti Trail Mtce., north of Sweet water lake to Laurel Shelter area. Nov. 25, 2015
     I finally cleared the rest of this section too, the next day. I loppered from the last inlet north of the parking area to about a tenth of a mile north of Laurel Shelter. The loggers did a good job of clearing the trail after they had thinned the area. The right side of the roof is still leaking and now would be a great time to haul the shingles, etc., in since we could use the log road which connects to FS500 to the west on a broad ridge just south of the shelter. total time = 7 hrs., drive time 3 hrs., 152 miles, 0.7 mile of trail cleared.