Short brief history from Blue Mt Shelter  Log book :  
12/16/13 - Placed log book on work trip with Marion Campbell.  
02/11/14 - Ice storm does major damage to top of Cheaha   
02/18/14 - 02/19/14    Blister Bob & John clear trail.  
03/01/14  Larry Warren & John clear Bald Rock Trail
04/06/15  I cleared Bald Rock Trail  
10/24/15  Day Hike by Marion & Emily Campbell & friends
11/14/15  AHTS work trip hauled out tarp and 2 buckets of trash  
Late July 2016  cleared trail from AL281 to Bald Rock trail  Marion & Emily Campbell, JNC
             Shelter needs new broom and a metal mailbox with new log book  
Click through to see some pictures from the trail..

The maps for the Alabama Roadwalk portion of the ECT is now posted on the website.

Simply hover your mouse over Trails and Maps then Eastern Continental Trail and the you will see the link for the Alabama Roadwalk at the bottom of the small submenu that pops up.

An update from John Calhoun:

John finished the south end (from the west Tower Rd. at Sage Gap to FS603-C) or Rebecca Mtn on July 12.

All of Rebecca should be in good shape now. The north end may need trimming this fall.


Thanks John for your hard work!

These are the existing and proposed shelter's for the Pinhoti Trail, Submitted by John Calhoun, VP-Trails.

Thank you for your hard work getting this list together for us!