These are the existing and proposed shelter's for the Pinhoti Trail, Submitted by John Calhoun, VP-Trails.

Thank you for your hard work getting this list together for us!



Spring Creek Shelter (ATA or AL. Trails Association) 1.6 miles south of Old Jackson Chapel Road, GA.

'5.4 miles

Hawkins Hollow Shelter (ATA) 0.5 mile north of Salem Church Rd or Cherokee Co. Rd 8

'3.5 miles

Davis Mountain Shelter (ATA) 1.7 miles north of US Hwy 278

'11.8 miles

Oakey Mountain Shelter (USFS) 1.5 miles south of Chief Ladiga Trail (2.1 miles s. of Co Rd 94)

'6.1 miles

North Dugger Mt. Shelter (USFS) 0.3 mile north of USFS 500 crossing (east of Dugger Mt.)

'10.5 miles

Choccolocco Creek Shelter (USFS) 1.4 miles south of Co Rd 55 (Rabbittown Rd)

'10.3 miles

Laurel Shelter (USFS) 1.4 miles south of FS Rd 553 or Co. Rd. 61

'10.4 miles

Lower Shoal Shelter (USFS) 1.2 miles north of the south loop of FS Rd 531

'11.7 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER (USFS) 1.2 miles north of I 20 near a creek (about 0.2 miles s. of Plantation Pipeline)

'9.9 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER (USFS) 0.9 mile north of Co Rd 24 (Abel Gap Rd.) between the 2 creek crossings.

'11.2 miles

Blue Mountain Shelter (USFS Talladega District) 1.9 miles n. of AL 281 (crossing below Cheaha St. Park)

‘3.8 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER* (AL State Park) about 1.9 miles s. of AL 281 (crossing below Cheaha ST. Park)

In the broad flat campsite area north of the top of McDill Point.

‘11.2 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER (USFS) Double Springs camp site area, about ½ mile n. of Patterson Gap or

1.5 miles south of Adams Gap

‘8.7 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER (USFS) Camp Site & Spring area 2 miles n. of Talladega Creek or about 0.3 mile

below the first FS 600-2 crossing n. of Talladega Creek

‘8.6 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER (USFS) Scott Lake campsite area near old cabin sites 3.5 miles west of AL 77.

’12.9 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER* (USFS) Broad ridge 1.7 miles n. of Bulls Gap or 0.5 mile s. of small power line.

’12.7 miles

PROPOSED SHELTER (USFS) Low broad ridge about 0.8 mile n. (east) of Trammel TH (FS 603-C)

Approximately 18 miles

Weogufka Creek Shelter (AHTS Forever Wild Lands) about 2 miles n. of Flagg Mt. TH on the CCC Rd.

‘Not close to a water source



Davis Mt. Shelter, built in 2004 by ATA. Small Adirondack style 8'X10' package incl. shipping was $5,000.

- It has an asphalt shingle roof and no overhang.

Spring Creek Shelter, built by ATA. 10'X12' with overhang $2,200.

- Gene said they used smaller posts and cheaper siding but it does have a metal roof.

Hawkins Hollow Shelter, built by ATA in 2013. 12' X 16' including steps & small porch platform. $4,400.

- It has a metal roof and more expensive siding.

The last three USFS shelters to be built (by contractors in 2005 I think) were of the standard design like Laurel & Lower Shoal shelters. These are Oakey Mt., North Dugger, and Choccolocco and the grant for all three was $25,000 total ($8,333 each). All of the USFS shelters except Blue Mt (It has cedar shake shingles) have asphalt shingles. The USFS could give you much more detailed information on this.

John N Calhoun 205-956-7287 July 28, 2016