Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Alabama Trail System?

The Alabama Trail System (ATS) is a proposed series of interconnected trails throughout Alabama. The "backbone" of this system will be a long path, more the Alabama Trail, that will stretch from Fort Morgan on the Gulf to the Natchez Trace in northwest Alabama. Many of our trail maintenance projects such as at Little River State Forest, Geneva State Forest, etc., are the beginnings of this system. For a map and more information, please visit our Alabama Trail System page.

What is the ECT?

First hiked in 1997 by John Brinda, the ECT is the name of a 5,500-mile long path from Key West, FL, to Canada. The path is formed by connecting several major long paths along the east coast. These include more the Florida Trail, Alabama's Pinhoti Trail, Georgia's Pinhoti Trail, the Benton MacKaye Trail, Appalachian Trail, and the International Appalachian Trail. Currently the major route between the Florida state line and the Pinhoti Trail in Alabama is roadwalk. The goal of AHTS it to get this section of the ECT in Alabama off the road and back into the woods. For a map and more information, please visit our Eastern Continental Trail page (coming soon).

What is the GET?

The Great Eastern Trail or GET is a new and developing long path that will stretch from the Alabama-Florida border to New York State and the Great Lakes. The proposed path more will use as much already existing trail as possible, connecting them with new trails as necessary. The goal of the path is to provide an alternate to the Appalachian Trail. Some of the paths planned for use include the Tuscarora Trail, the Mid State Trail in Pennsylvania, and the Allegheny Trail in West Virginia. For more information visit

What is AHTS?

Founded in 2001, the Alabama Hiking Trail Society was formed to promote, protect, maintain, and develop hiking trails in Alabama, all in an effort to create a statewide hiking trail system (see "What is the Alabama Trail System"). In addition more AHTS is working to complete the portion of the Eastern Continental Trail through Alabama that stretches from Key West, FL, to Canada, and the Great Eastern Trail. But we're not all work. AHTS provides hikes and backpack trips for hikers of all ages and experience, our annual conference with speakers on a wide range of topics, and many more activities.

Does AHTS Publish Guidebooks and Maps?

At this time AHTS publishes one guidebook, "The Alabama / NW Georgia Guidebook", a data book for long distance hikers on the GET, ECT, and Pinhoti Trails through Georgia, is available online FREE. Visit the TRAILHEAD pages and the link to the Pinhoti or GET pages. You will also find a copy of the Pinhoti Trail Section 9 map here. We are currently working on other materials to aid in hiking the trails of Alabama. Please visit our website often for updates.

What is the AHTS Education and Outreach Program?

AHTS members are available to speak to your organization on a wide variety of topics. Visit out Education and Outreach page for more information. A new program for beginning hikers and backpackers will be introduced during our 2007 Conference.

What Does My AHTS Membership Include?

PLENTY! There's too much to name here. Visit our Membership page for details.

How Do I Become a Member?

It's easy! Visit our Membership page. At the top of the page you will find links so that you can download and print our brochure (which as a membership application) and mail it in, or print the standard membership form and mail it in.

Can People Volunteer to Help AHTS?

Yes, yes, and YES! There are plenty of volunteer opportunities such as trail work, trail planning, activity leader, Scouting projects, and MANY more! Please visit our Volunteer page for details and information on how you can help.

How can I Do More to Help AHTS?

AHTS is a non-profit organization and as such, we survive on the generosity of our members as well as non-members, agencies, and businesses that want us to continue are mission. Please visit our Donation page to read about how you can help AHTS.

How Can I Contact AHTS?

For general information, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If you have specific questions such as about membership, our newsletter, "Alabama Hiker", trails, etc., please visit our Contact page for specific personnel you can write to.

Are the Photos on the AHTS Website Copyrighted?

Yes. All photos used on the AHTS website are either copyrighted by AHTS or have use of the photo has been given to AHTS by the photographer.

How Can I Obtain Rights to Use AHTS Photos?

All photos are copyrighted by AHTS or by the contributing photographer. Contact the AHTS VP of Publicity via email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please indicate your media affiliation, the photos you wish to use, for what purpose they will be used, and deadline for obtaining the photos. If the copyright is held other than AHTS, our office will refer your request to the appropriate person.

How Does the Media Contact AHTS?

The media should contact AHTS VP of Publicity for more about AHTS and hiking in Alabama. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Who Are AHTS Partners?

The AHTS partners with many state and federal agencies, hiking and trail groups, and environmental groups and organizations to accomplish our mission. Some of our partners include: Alabama Forestry Commission, American Hiking Society, American Trails, Forever Wild, Leave No Trace, Southeastern Foot Trails Coalition, US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service.