The Alabama Trail

The Alabama Trail will be, as much as possible, a non-motorized, non-paved footpath
that will stretch from Fort Morgan on Alabama's Gulf Coast to a beautiful bowl canyon on the
Alabama-Tennessee state line called the Walls of Jericho, a trip of over 550-miles.


3What will make this new long path unique is that if you would hike from one end to the other you will see the entire breadth of Alabama's landscapes: pristine white beaches, maritime wetlands and forests, meandering black water rivers, deep canyons, towering waterfalls, fascinating historic sites, and the mountains of the Tennessee Valley. 

To make the trail a reality, AHTS partners with many local, state, and federal agencies to help build and maintain trails on their property which we call "dots-on-the-map". While working these trails, the organization keeps in mind that these dots will one day connect together to form the Alabama Trail. 

It will take years to complete the project but the good news is that sections of the trail, especially on the Gulf Coast, are open for hiking already or will be usable in a very short time. 

* Gulf Coast Section Guide Here (PDF) 

The Importance of the Alabama Trail

The Alabama Trail will: 

* Create a wilderness corridor (greenway) to guarantee that wildlife have a natural corridor to use for migration 
* Create day hiking and overnight camping and backpacking adventures for local and state residents as well as tourists 
* Help Alabama achieve its goal of becoming a worldwide hiking destination 
* Provide eco-tourism dollars for local communities and the state 

The Alabama Trail in the Media:

Alabama Trail (Huntsville Times Nov 2011) 
Alabama Trail (Mobile Press Register Jan 2011) 
Alabama Trail (Mobile Press Register Feb 2011)

Alabama Trail Sections:

The following is a list of sections currently being built or surveyed by AHTS along the Alabama Trail corridor and along with the responsible Chapter. AHTS is looking to establish new chapters along the proposed corridor from Monroeville to Florence so that we can continue our work on the trail. Please contact AHTS for volunteer or chapter information: 
Gulf Coast Chapter:
Fort Morgan Peninsula West 
Bon Secour National Wildlife Refuge 
Fort Morgan Peninsula East 
Gulf State Park to Foley Beach Expressway 
Foley Beach Expressway to Graham Creek Preserve 
Graham Creek Preserve to Lillian Swamp 
Lillian Swamp 
Lillian Swamp to Perdido River Trail 
Perdido River Trail Section 1 
Perdido River Trail to Splinter Hill Bog 
Splinter Hill to Little River State Forest 
Little River State Forest 
Tennessee Valley:

Walls of Jericho