Eastern Continental Trail (ECT)

In 1997, John Brinda ended his hike of the Florida Trail near Pensacola, having walked the entire pennisula beginning in Key West. Upon reaching the Alabama-Florida state line, he wanted more and continued walking eventually ending his journey in Canada! Soon after, MJ Eberhart ("Nimblewill Nomad") retraced Brinda's steps and coined the trail's new name - the Eastern Continental Trail. 

Over 5,500-miles in length, the ECT uses several long paths to take long distance hikers from Key West, FL, to Cape Gaspe', Canada. The path through Alabama takes hikers to their first mountain over 1,000-feet tall, Flagg Mountain, and to the state's highest peak, Cheaha. 

While most of the route of the ECT is complete, a 220-mile section in Alabama is currently road walk. AHTS is working with the AHS and Southeast Foot Trail Coalition (SEFTC) to move the ECT off the road in the state and back into the woods.

Read the ECT Guide by Nimblewill Nomad 

Download the AL-NW GA Trails Handbook (40 pages covering hiker amenities and mileages from the AL-FL State line to the beginning of the Appalachian Trail) FREE!!Click here 

a-am, p-pm 
AT or AIT- Alabama Trail 
B and B-Bed and Breakfast 
B/L/D or b/l/d-Breakfast Lunch Dinner 
bs-bus station 
CS-Convenience Store 
DP-Data Point 
FR-Fire Ring 
GC-Garbage Can 
HS-Hardware Store 

PO-Post Office 
RV-Recreational Vehicle 
TD-Train Depot 
Tep-Tent Platform 
THRU-Trail Route designated main trail 
UD-Information Updated 
VS-Variety Store 
W-Water Source 
WMA-Wildlife Management Area

Download the map and trail description of the 28.1 miles of the Alabama Trail / GET / ECT through Conecuh National Forest here

Pinhoti Trail Maps are available by contacting the National Forests in Alabama, 2946 Chestnut St., Montgomery, AL 36107-3010 Ph 334.832.4470 or online at the National Forest Store. Also on our Pinhoti Page 

Download the Pinhoti Section 9 map here.

This plan showed a main trail running from Cohutta Mountain in north Georgia to Mount Washington in New Hampshire. This plan also proposed a spur trail from Mt. Washington to Mount Katahdin in Maine and one from the Georgia Mountains into Northern Alabama. The spur in Maine was completed in 1940, while the spur into Alabama has yet to be blazed. However, the effort to make this Alabama spur trail a reality is underway and is the result of persistent work of many groups, individuals, agencies and organizations."

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The Trails of the ECT
Download Entire Alabama Pinhoti map (zip) 
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Google Earth Tracking points
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Trails of the ECT:

The Trails of the ECT The Eastern Continental Trail is made up of several long paths including the following and the clubs and organizations that oversee their maintenance:

Florida Trail 

Conecuh Trail

Alabama Road Walk Alabama Hiking Trail Society 

Pinhoti Trail (AL)

Pinhoti Trail (GA) 

Benton MacKaye 

Appalachian Trail Conservancy