AHTS is proud of Alabama!  So proud, we think people both from Alabama and visitors should experience our great State from end to end.  To do this, one of our four mission areas is to create the Alabama Trail, a footpath stretching from Mobile to the Walls of Jericho, so that people can walk from one end of our State to the other and enjoy its marvels.

This mission area’s first stage:  to engage collaborators – individuals, corporations, organizations, governments – to establish a cultural corridor allowing for multi-use – hikers, backpackers, cyclists, RVers and drivers – that connects locations distinctive to Alabama, our geology, biodiversity, and history into a cultural corridor stretching the length of our State.

This mission area’s second stage:  to engage with our collaborators to identify and develop a footpath that builds off the increased traffic and economy through the cultural corridor.

Our invitation to you –

AHTS has identified a number of distinctive locations across the State - we call them Anchors - to which we want the cultural corridor to run.  Some of these are firm, based on development contracts we have in place.  Others are negotiable, based on the desires and commitments of our collaborators.

We’ve also engaged a number of towns as collaborators – we call them Trail Towns – through which we want the cultural corridor to pass.  All of these are in the very early stages of collaboration with us, so there’s plenty of room for more.

Wouldn’t you love to collaborate with us?

Outdoor enthusiasts:  wouldn’t you love to be a part of building a 700 mile trail celebrating Alabama’s great outdoors?

Local governments:  wouldn’t you love to attract visitors to your towns or counties, to take advantage of the growing eco-tourism movement?

Non-profits:  wouldn’t you love to find where your mission overlaps with ours mission of developing and promoting hiking and backpacking in our State?

AHTS is waiting to hear from you!  What would you want people to see and experience in your area, not just people from out-of-state, but Alabama residents as well?  How do you think your passions and commitments can join with us and out mission to bring people into your area?  Together we can make the Alabama Trail the best intra-State trail system in the nation!